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Weekly Storytimes for a Variety of Ages*

Toddler Reading



Storytime Information

Monday 10:30 a.m.
Babytime, 0-23 months
Tuesday 10:30 a.m.
Preschool, 3-5 years
Wednesday 10:30 a.m.
Toddler Time, 2 & 3 years
3:00 p.m.
After-school club for school-aged children
Friday 10:30 a.m.
Toddler Time, 2 & 3 years
Saturday 10:30 a.m.
Preschool, 3-5 years

 *Ages listed are for intended audience. Children of other ages may attend with appropriate supervision.

*Storytime sessions:

January through April (winter/spring)

June-July (summer)

September through mid-December (fall)

No storytimes are held during the months of May, August, and the two weeks of late December so that we can plan for the next storytime session.  

Homeschool gettogether 



1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

The Cedar Falls Public Library is proud to announce the launch of our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  The program is part of a national literacy initiative to encourage parents and caregivers to read often to their children before they begin school. The program provides a small incentive at each 100-book milestone, and at the 200 and 1,000-book milestones, your child will receive a new book to keep. We will also have periodic graduation ceremonies to recognize children who finish the program.  Any child from birth until she/he enters kindergarten is eligible.

To register your child, stop by the youth desk at the library.  We'd love to get you started!

Coming in July and August: Solar Eclipse Activities

In preparation for a solar eclipse viewing event on August 21, the library will host a number of learning programs leading up to the day of the eclipse.  Pre-registration is required for some events noted below and is now open.  Use the links provided to register online, or call the youth department at 319-859-3282. All events are in the upstairs meeting room unless otherwise noted.

solar eclipse

Wed., 7/5 at 3 p.m.: Make a pinhole projection in a box.  Using a shoebox, participants will make a projection device that will allow them to view an image of the sun safely during the eclipse. Registration required and limited to 30. For school-aged children.  Click here to register.

Wed., 7/12 at 3 p.m.: Big Sun, Small Moon and Scale Model of Sun and Earth. Meet us at the park behind the first block of Main Street next to the river on State Street--behind Cup of Joe.  Participants will do activities that demonstrate why the Sun and Moon look as if they are the same size during a solar eclipse and they will explore the relative size of the Sun and Earth as well as the distance between them. Registration required and limited to 30.  For school-aged children. **In case of rain, this session will be cancelled.**   Click here to register.

Wed., 7/19 at 3 p.m.: How Big, How Far, How Hot, How Old?  Participants will manipulate images of Earth and space objects to learn about their size, distance from Earth, temperature, and age. Registration required and limited to 30. For school-aged children.  Click here to register. 

Wed., 7/26 at 3 p.m.: Sun Cookies.  Participants will explore aspects of the Sun and solar activity by modeling them as solar cookies. No registration required.  Limited to 100.  For children of all ages.  This is a drop-in program while supplies last.

Mon., 8/21 beginning at 11:30 a.m.: View the eclipse with us at the library!  Viewing glasses from the Space Science Institute will be available so that you may view the eclipse safely. No registration required. Glasses are for use on-site only--none will be available to take away from the library that day.

Book Discussion Groups

Book Club Books Only

Youth Department staff lead two monthly book discussion groups, one for grades 3/4 and another for grades 5/6, during the school year (September-May).  Interested in joining? Sign up for the first month's book clubs begins in mid-August.  For more information or to register, just stop by the youth desk or call 319-859-3282.

1st-Friday Puppet Shows!

Blue Luppet

Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Schedule:

Friday, Oct. 6 at 4:30 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 1 at 4:30 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 2 at 4:30 p.m.  

 CFPL puppet shows provide 100% of your recommended monthly puppet intake. 



Meeting space is available in the Youth Department. Call 859-3282 to reserve a time.


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