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The Cedar Falls Public Library is pleased to announce the creation of a community owned seed library located in our building. A seed library is a self-perpetuating collection of seeds.

So far we have received wonderful donations from High Mowing Organic Seed, Seed Savers Exchange, Seeds of Change, Territorial Seed Company, Sustainable Seed Company, and generous members of the public.
In the fall, we will be seeking “return” donations from the public as well. If you have special garden plants that you grow each year,
please consider sharing your seeds with the community. We are looking for vegetables, herbs, and flowers that do well in our zone 4 climate.

If you are new to gardening or to seed saving, plan to start small with something easy. To help you out, the Library has many books
on vegetable gardening and seed saving that you can check out, (call numbers 631 - 635 in both the Youth and Adult departments).



Seed Library 5The Cedar Falls Seed library is located in the card catalogs in the empty self-checkout station near the Youth Department.

Seed Library 5Anyone who wishes to participate must first complete a registration card, available at the Information Desk.  We’d like your name and email address, so we can keep you up-to-date about Seed Library events.

Seed Library 5You are welcome to browse through the seed drawers at your leisure. We have vegetables, herbs and flowers. Each Seed Library member may take up to 5 packages.  More seeds may be available at a later date.

Seed Library 5Members registering on behalf of non-profit organizations may take up to 15 packages—a one-time deal!

Seed Library 5Take your seed selection to the Information Desk, so the staff member there can punch your registration card, 1 punch per seed package. If you visit again, your card will be on file at the Information Desk.

Seed Library 5At the end of the season, please bring a generous quantity of carefully labeled seed back to the Seed Library to be shared!

Seed Library 5We plan to have an event every month of the planting and growing season.  Watch your email and the Seed Library area for updates.


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If you have any questions or comments please contact us through:

Our Facebook page:

Please send us pictures and stories of your gardens as they grow!

Follow us on Twitter: @cfseedlib


Seed Donations:

Sees Savers Exchange:

High Mowing Organic Seed:

Seeds of Change:

Territorial Seed Company: 

Sustainable Seed Company:

And generous members of the public like you!


Supporting Organizations:

Cedar Falls Public Library

Friends of Cedar Falls Public Library

UNI Recycling & Reuse Technology Transfer Center:

Iowa Master Gardeners: