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President's Annual Letter for 2016

Maelou Baxter

Every year I feel like I say the same thing in slightly different words, but the beauty of it is that every year it’s true! Every year, I say that we’re very proud of our library (an understatement), and that it’s getting better and better and better, and every year I say that I thank all of you for helping to make the library what it is. And every year that I’ve been president, I’ve done something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this year – and that is to say nice things about our director, Sheryl McGovern, to tell you what a fabulous director she is, and how well we work together and how she’s leading the library ever forward. I didn’t think I was going to be able to say that, because sometime last year, and I’m sure of this, because I attended her retirement party, Sheryl retired. We were all very, very sorry to see her go, but we wished her well although we didn’t really see how we could do without her. BUT THEN – and this is the beautiful part – Sheryl was persuaded to come out of retirement after THIRTY-FOUR DAYS (Surely, one of the shortest retirements on record), although I’m not sure you can come out of something you’ve hardly gone into, and agreed to return as the director of the Cedar Falls Public Library – yes, she’s all ours! We all breathed a sigh of relief, sent up a shout of joy and went back to work making our wonderful library even more wonderful. So, welcome back Sheryl!

That, for me, is the best news of the year, but as you can see from the reports in this report, there’s plenty more. Our library continues to grow and get better and better at serving its patrons.
For details about our support of the library, I direct you to the committee reports and to Cassie Luze’s Trustee’s Report. Cassie is the Library Board of Trustee’s representative on the Friends’ Board.
I want to make this one big thank you note. I want to thank:

  • Sheryl and the whole library staff, for making our library welcoming and efficient and a terrific place to be.
  • The members of the board of the Friends of the Cedar Falls Library, who work for and advocate for the library.
  • Our patrons, who appreciate the library and make it all worthwhile,
  • YOU, the Friends of the Cedar Falls Library for your loyal support, year after year.

Contact Information

For more information on the Friends, contact Friends of the Library President Sue Doody at or call 319-273-8643.