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Geek Out Together

Do you love books AND video tie-ins? If so we’ve got the group for you! Join us in the large meeting room at 7 p.m. for our new pop culture discussion group: GeekoutTogether!

In June we will discuss the newest addition to the teen adventure genre, Stranger Things. We’ll discuss the show itself as well as older books and movies that may have shaped the show including The Goonies, The Hardy Boys and, more recently Super 8. Due to mature themes, meetings are recommended for ages 18 and up. Sponsored by the Friends of the Public Library.

In July we will discuss Energy: How do we power our stuff in the future? How is energy use, acquisition, and distribution dealt with in some of our favorite books/movies? Are these futures optimistic visions or warnings?

Danger Will Robinson! In August we discuss Lost in Space!
From the day man first set foot on the moon, the idea of life in space has captivated our imaginations. Our technology has advanced a lot since the original series aired. How has this show and others like it shaped our visions of life in outer space? Does life imitate art?
Discussion will include both the original series and the recent reboot. 

Put on your best tin foil hat in September to discuss Conspiracy Theories. Who is D.B.Cooper and where is his treasure? What really happened on the "Grassy Knoll"? What's going on at Area 51? Why can't we catch Bigfoot? What *is* the Jersey Devil? Bring us your best theories and burning questions. We may solve the world’s greatest mysteries!