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Financial Literacy with Mike Finley

Financial Literacy: Retirement Planning

Presented by Mike Finley, "The crazy man in the pink wig”

This 4 week seminar teaches the individual "how to retire" financially AND psychologically as they embrace the next stage of their life. Information discussed includes pensions like IPERS, investing wisely and efficiently with an eye toward taxes and withdrawal strategies, the 4% rule, Social Security strategies, the ins and outs of insurance to include Medicare, and much, much more. Financial freedom to follow!

Tuesday, July 10

Retirement Seminar Week #1: Learn the ins and outs of the retirement process by identifying exactly where you are and where you want to be. This will involve a full accounting of your expenses, your fixed income, your investment portfolio and how it all works when the full-time job goes away. This class deals with the big picture and how you can put yourself in the right spot to retire with less stress, more money, and more enjoyment. 

Tuesday, July 17

Retirement Seminar Week #2: Learn about the investment piece of retirement as we cover asset allocation (how much to own when it comes to stocks, bonds, cash, etc.) as it relates to your portfolio. Learn about the right investments to own (low cost products) as you avoid the wrong investments (high cost products). Withdrawal strategies will be covered as well as the 4% rule as it relates to keeping a portfolio growing long into retirement.  

Monday, July 23

Retirement Seminar Week #3: Learn about the fixed income piece of retirement as it relates to pensions, Social Security, immediate annuities, part-time work, etc. We will also cover the many insurance products that you may or may not need to include variable and fixed annuities, long-term care, life, disability, car and home, etc. Taxes will also be discussed as it relates to what is taxed and what is not in the state of Iowa. 

Tuesday, July 31

Retirement Seminar Week #4: Learn about the days leading into retirement as you decide what to do with the retirement plan at work, the home, etc. and what exactly will happen as that big day finally arrives. We will discuss and review the financial piece and we will discuss the psychological piece, which can be challenging for many. Retirement has a financial and psychological aspect to it. NOW is the time to understand it!


All sessions 6:30-8:00 pm in the meeting room.