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Summer Reading Information Summer Reading Information Summer Reading Information

Don't forget this Monday night from 6-8 is Teen Trivia Night! Bring a team or a friend or just bring yourself! Lots of fun and a great challenge to complete the Teen Summer Reading Program! 

Weekly Board Games -- New games added weekly. This new game added this week is King of New York. The sequel to the smash hit King of Japan.  

Weekly Random Book Challenge -- This weeks book challenge is any Young Adult Book on the New Release Wall. 

Teen Happy Hour Wednesdays 1pm-4pm in the YA room -- The flavors for the week are Strawberry and Bubble Gum! 

Teen Minecraft Tuesdays Tuesdays Starting June 7th 1pm-5pm  Enter the world of Adytum! It's a MMO in the Minecraft World.  

Teen Book Club! Thursdays 4pm-5pm --  This weeks book club selection is A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly or 

Teen Video Game Tournament! -- The Game of the Week is... Wii U Mario Bros. 

     High Scores -- High Scores -- High Scores

          Evan -- 3402

     Leader Board 

          Evan -- 32 points 

Bop-It! Challenge -- Longest Streak so far is Lauren with 10. 

Teen 5k Challenge -- Teens completing the challenge and their times will be posted here. (The YA Librarian will be running all of your local routes.) Teen must let the YA Librarian know either in person or via email if they are planning on completing this challenge. You must provide your shirt size and, after completion of the 5k, proof that you completed this.  There are plenty of apps for this that will track your routes.  

     Tiffanie -- 35 minutes 

     Karen -- 66 minutes

     Sarah -- 66 minutes 

Selfie with a Book Challenge  -- Take a picture with your favorite book. Upload it to the social media venue of your choosing. Send me a link or an email with what or where you posted and use this hashtag -->>  #selfiewithabookcfpl   <<-- use this hashtag I will then check and see which selfie with a book has the most likes. The entry with the most likes wins a prize and bragging rights! 



YA Gaming Hours Fall/Winter 2015/2016

If there is no staff member present gaming will not be allowed.