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Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library

          Agenda for  

   Annual Meeting of the

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Noon, Saturday, April 12, 2014

Business Meeting

  • Approval of Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting
  • Election of new Board Members
    • Slate:
      • Judy Beckman
      • Nancie Handorf
      • Cynthia Kenyon
      • Amy Frohart-Schafer
      • Janice Smuck
  • Recognition of Retiring Board Members
    • Barb Cardamon
    • Joan Duea
    • Neysa Klepfer
  • President’s Report to the Membership
  • Adjournment


     UNI’s S.H.O.P. Barbershop Quartet

 Salad Luncheon Graciously provided by members of the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library

Friend's Logo


A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.

Henry Ward Beecher, 1813-1887




Message from FOTL President, Maelou Baxter



I was, am, and shall ever be a lover of reading and a reading teacher, so several years ago I chose RDG4ALL as my personalized license plate. I’ve had the plates a long time. The one in front has been smashed against curbs and been in a couple of accidents, but it’s been smoothed back into some semblance of its original form and I intend to have it on my car as long as I drive and as long as I read. I hope both will be for as long as I live, but if reading outlasts driving, so be it.

I know how important reading is. Long ago I taught Adult Basic Education classes at what was then Hawkeye Institute of Technology. One of the major reasons my students were there was that they couldn’t read well enough to do what they wanted to do in their lives. As an English major, I knew much more about British literature than I did about the basic process of reading, so I decided to take some classes at UNI and figure out “this reading thing.” Many years later, I’m still trying to figure out “this reading thing.” I want everyone to be able to read well enough to meet the demands of their lives AND, unreasonable though it may seem, I want everyone to read and to enjoy reading.


Lately, however, I’ve been thinking that perhaps my license plates should say something about libraries because libraries aren’t just for reading any more. I’m looking at a list of projects and programs the Friends supported this last year. The Zombies program wasn’t for me, but I’ll bet the teens loved it! I know the adults loved the murder mystery and the genealogy sessions as well as the craft classes and the memoir writing workshops. Families love the movies (and popcorn), while the kids love the fish and the bunny and the new interactive “literacy” tractor. And the always popular summer reading programs broke attendance records this year.

The Cedar Falls Public Library has become a center for all kinds of activities while it continues to be a readers’ library–and there are several ways to “read.” I enjoy the recorded books for road trips. The pre-loaded Nooks are very popular as are the downloadable books for Kindles and other electronic readers. I could go on and on. Check the monthly newsletter ,the newspaper, and signs around the library to see what’s going on in your library.

Whatever you need and want from your library, I hope you’re getting it. If you’re not, let us know. Thank you for being a valued member of our library community and remember to bring your friends! Reading and Libraries for ALL!

Maelou Baxter

President, Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library


Our Mission:

The  Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library organized in 1982 to promote the resources, services, and needs of the library. The Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library cultivate a love of learning and celebrate the joy of reading by supporting library services for the community.


  • To stimulate the use of the library's resources and services
  • To focus public attention on the library
  • To maintain an association of persons interested in libraries
  • To help fund materials and programs for the library
  • To provide volunteer services in support of the mission of the library

Contact Information

For Friends information, contact Maelou Baxter at or call the CFPL at 319-273-8643.

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