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Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

April 27, 2013


Present: 36 members and guests of the Cedar Falls FOTL were present.


Welcome and Introduction of Program:  Maelou Baxter, President of FOTL, called the annual meeting of the Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library to order at 11:30 a.m.  Sara Lair read the minutes of the April 21, 2012, annual meeting and they were approved as written.

Maelou reported that the annual report would be mailed soon.  Deon Senchina presented the slate of new board members:  Janet Kahler, Sue Doody and Jenny Leeper.  Joan Duea moved and Maureen Oates seconded that the slate of new board members be approved.  Motion carried.

Maelou thanked the outgoing board members, Sara Lair, Joan Loslo and Coreen Mattfeld, for their service.

The Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library was established April 19, 1982.  Maelou indicated that it was a privilege to be President of the organization and was an easy job because (1) the library staff is fabulous – they work and care for the library; (2) the Friends board is a “working board;” and (3) while Maelou loves libraries, in particular, she loves this library.

The money taken as income from the Friends (mainly through the Book Nook and memberships) is used for programming at the Cedar Falls Public Library – for youth, young adult and adult programming.  This year the Friends provided funding for purchase of items for the youth library – visit the new exhibits by Burgeon (tractor, interactive display in the playhouse, and puppet theatre).  Library programming includes movies,, computer and IPAD classes, digital photography classes, book discussions, and much more.  There are many ways to volunteer at the library:  shelving books, RFID tag project, food for groups, etc.

One volunteer position needed is a coordinator of the Friday Book Talk – please see any board member if you are interested.

The membership chair urged members to get new members for the Friends organization.  One comment was that perhaps people shy away from joining the Friends organization as they don’t want to join a group unless they are able to volunteer and help – that perhaps we should be sure that, while the organization needs and wants help, we also need and want monetary help as well.

Upon motion by Maureen Oates, seconded by Deon Senchina, the meeting was adjourned.

Gail Froyen, speaker, was then introduced.  Gail presented a very interesting program, beginning with “I’m a friend of the Library . . . and Libraries are a friend of mine.”  She related her experiences with libraries, beginning at a very young age in Sioux City, Iowa, where she simply could not wait to get her first library card at her branch library, then “graduating” to the main library in Sioux City.  Her family’s move to Des Moines meant becoming familiar with and using the Des Moines library.  Then, on to Cedar Falls to Iowa State Teacher’s College where Gail was a library science major and the college library was her “home away from dorm.”  Then, marriage, three children, and the Cedar Falls Public Library has been a part of Gail’s life until the present.

She concluded the program by stating that every time you step into a library there is “a surprise or gift waiting for you.”

The members enjoyed a delicious salad luncheon.

Respectfully submitted,

Sara Lair, Secretary



Friends of the Library Annual Report 2011-2012

Friends’ support of the library continues to grow. It grows steadily because of the financial resources and the dedication of the Friends Board and the general membership. The support takes many different forms—support of the building, programming, events, and literacy outreach. Below are the many ways the Friends have supported the library and literacy in the Cedar Valley.

Building Support

  • Provided $30,000 for renovation of the Young Adult area
  • Purchased 3 replacement bushes for library gardens
  • Purchased Young Adult area electronic bulletin board and laminator for staff
  • Remodeled and redecorated Youth Department playhouse


Library Programming Support

  • Funded instructors for WiFi computer lab
  • Organized and supported monthly adult book discussion groups and book talks
  • Assisted in financially supporting summer library programs for all ages


Events Support

  • Provided lunch for library staff and breakfast for annual City Council/Library Trustee meeting


Literacy Outreach Support

  • Purchased a book for each Cedar Falls 5th grader for Cedar Valley Youth Reads event
  • Purchase "Book Page" for patrons



Contact Information

For Friends information, contact Maelou Baxter at or call the CFPL at 319-273-8643.





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