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Friends of the Cedar Falls Public Library

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

April 23, 2016

President, Maelou Baxter, welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Library.  There were 39 members and guests in attendance.

Our speaker for the morning, Sheryl McGovern, Director of the Library, gave an excellent slide presentation showing the many things that make our library special and indicate our growth.  She also displayed a variety of materials, besides books, that are available to library users and told of the many activities the library provides.  Sheryl said that great communities deserve great libraries, and she is in hopes of making ours extraordinary.

Following Sheryl’s presentation, Kelly Stern, Youth Services Director, told of the many activities and articles available to the young readers, including puppets, robots, and Leapfrog learning books.  This summer there will be a different weekly thematic programs and a library bike ride.

Sheryl thanked everyone present for their support of the library.

Maelou called the formal meeting to order and shared from a book she has been reading, When Books Went to War telling about the small pocket-sized paper back books that were made available so that soldiers could carry them in their pockets during battle.

Nancie Handorf read the minutes of the April 25, 2015 meeting.  Sue Doody moved that the minutes be accepted, and Deon Senchina seconded the motion with unanimous approval.

Election of Board members followed, and both Sue Doody and Janet Kahler were re-elected to the Board.  Maelou also expressed our thankfulness that Sheryl, after a very brief retirement, returned to her position as Director of the Library in a ¾ time position.  The members of the Friends Board were introduced, and Janet Kahler explained that the Book Nook would no longer be represented at Sturgis Falls as they are eliminating all non-profits booths from the street fair and moving them to perimeter areas that will not have much exposure.

Sue Doody presented a by-law revision that would make our Library Director and our liaison member from the Board of Trustees non-voting members to prevent conflict of interests.  Sue moved and David Walker seconded and the motion was approved. 

Announcements included the fact that the annual report will be out soon and that there were membership brochures on each table that could be taken home to pass out to friends.

Maelou extended a thank you to all who attended and to those who had provided salads and decorations for the luncheon.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:25, with the delicious salad luncheon following.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancie Handorf, Secretary


Contact Information

For more information on the Friends, contact Friends of the Library Vice-President Sue Doody at or call 319-273-8643.