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Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition & community partners present:

A Practical Backyard Tour of Cedar Falls & Waterloo!
Saturday June 17:  10 AM - 1 PM

Visit these creative, sustainable backyards & green spaces at your own pace and in any order. Free Event!

The Water Quality Property
1475 Laurel Circle, Cedar Falls
Permeable paver driveways and rain gardens can help manage stormwater runoff and beautify a property. Check out how this residence is treating 100% of the rain on their property in style and how you can do the same for your home.

Strike It Rich... With Black Gold
126 Home Park Blvd, Waterloo
Two styles of composting at this stop: backyard composting & indoor composting using the power of 1,000 redworms! See how banana peels & coffee grounds are turned into black gold and how compost tea is used in the vegetable garden.

Condo Community With Considerable Conservation
5300 Block of Meadowlark Lane, Cedar Falls
This is a one stop shop for backyard sustainability. Talk with the homeowner at 5317 Meadowlark Lane about tackling water issues with a bioswale, as well as greening up their properties with tree plantings, community garden, three-staged composter, bluebird houses, and much more.

Save Swap, Share!  Tips for Seed Saving
Cedar Falls Seed Library, at Cedar Falls Library,
524 Main Street, Cedar Falls
Come & see how the Cedar Falls Seed Library works, what it offers, and how you can join! There will be a demonstration on how to harvest, save, and store the seeds from your own garden.

Parking Lot... To Urban Garden!
NE Iowa Food Bank, 1605 Lafayette St., Waterloo 
Stop by the food bank garden and learn about Broad Forks, no-till, berm style planting, and small-scale greenhousing!

Pavers & Prairie
Operation Threshold, 1535 Lafayette St., Waterloo 
This site features a commercial application of permeable pavement for stormwater management. There will also be an opportunity to view native turf (that needs no mowing!) and a rain garden full of wildflowers at an adjacent property.

Sign a waiver at your first stop. Receive one ticket for the drawing at EACH site that you visit on the backyard tour. Join us at SingleSpeed Brewing (325 Commercial Street, Waterloo) at 1:30 PM for the drawing featuring a 55-gallon rain barrel, Earth Machine compost bin, & potted baby trees.  Must be present to win!

To receive 1 EXTRA ticket for the prize drawing, log into Facebook by 3pm on 6-16 to RSVP. Click "Going" on the Waste Trac Education Team's Facebook Event post!

For More Information...
Waste Trac Education Team:  (319) 266-8722